• Accurate counting beyond 10 and 20 (Year 2 to 100)
  • Counting in 2’s 5’s and 10’s.
  • Addition and subtraction.
  • Pairs of numbers to 20.
  • Counting on from a given number (Year 2 to 100)
  • Coins to 10p (Year 2 to £1)
  • Ways to pay 10p (Year 2 calculate change from 20p)
  • Tell the time to nearest hour/half hour (Year 2 quarter to)
  • Measure by object (Year 2 nearest CM)
  • Measure and estimate with metre sticks.
  • Understand and create symmetrical patterns.
  • (Year 2 identify right and left give directions, clockwise – anti clockwise, quarter turns)


  • Harvest vegetables and making soup.
  • Measuring using natural outdoor materials.
  • Looking at our own families and ourselves through the five senses.
  • Making lists.
  • Welsh using games, iPads, songs and Helpwr Heddiw.
  • Stickman art and outdoor activities linked to Language and Maths.

Dosbarth 3/4 (Miss Davis) “Family Album” Autmn Term

Class Novel:

‘Stickman’ Julia Donaldson


  • Story focus: “Stickman”
  • Sentence building, writing and story mapping
  • Jolly Phonics patterns: sh, ch, th, ng, qu, ar, short vowels, ff, ll.
  • Jolly Grammar - Capital letters, sentence writing, proper nouns, common nouns, alphabetical order, a or an, plurals, pronouns, initial blends. (Year 2 connectives)
  • Reading: Guided reading, word building, character names ORT.
  • Tricky words: Weeks 1-8
  • Letter formation: tall and short letters, including flicks to letters - pre-joining. (Year 2 joining handwriting)
  • Role play area – Stickman’s mud kitchen.

Special events

  • Harvest
  • Halloween
  • Bonfire Night
  • Diwali
  • Christmas