Year 6


The topic this term is PLANTS.  We will be planning and carrying out various investigations and problem solving activities and will focus on being able to write scientific conclusions and evaluations. There will be opportunities for pupils to use understanding to explain everyday phenomena and to obtain evidence to test scientific ideas. We will also be developing our skills with a TCS teacher once a week.


Library Books – Read in school throughout the week.  Target: 15 minutes each night

Spelling test – Every Friday

Class Book – Awful Auntie

Reading books  - To be returned each week and changed when child has finished the book

Guided reading – It is during these sessions in school that a teacher will listen to and question your child to further their reading and comprehension skills.

We will be writing for a variety of purposes and in forms which include imaginative writing.  Children will plan, draft and improve their work; discuss and evaluate their own and others’ writing; punctuate correctly using .,?””;() and develop spelling patterns and techniques. A big focus as a school this year is Handwriting and neat presentation.


This terms topic will be learning how to talk ask questions about ourselves.


We will be focusing on e-safety and how to use the internet and websites safely.


We will interpret data from tables about a range of different rides.

We will continue to transfer all the mathematical skills we have learnt to a variety of contexts and everyday situations. The children in Year 6 will continue with daily BIG MATHS sessions where mental strategies are a focus.

Other skills we will be focusing on are:-

  • Checking answers using inverse
  • making comparisons between prices and understand which is best value for money
  • construct and solve one step equations


This project has a history focus and teaches children about the Second World War including an understanding of the reasons for war, the impact on the everyday lives of people including children and about significant individuals of the period. Children will also

Learn about the significance of the Blitz and the social and human impact of it.

At the heart of this project children write narrative stories based on historical facts and develop additional skills in using flashback as a technique for telling stories.

In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by planning their own VE street party.


Our topic this term is learning all about countries and holidays.