Year 5

Topic – History Focus

The topic has a history focus and teaches children about the Second World War including an understanding of the reasons for war, the impact on the everyday lives of people including children and about significant individuals of the period. Children will also learn about the significance of the Swansea Blitz and the social and human impact of it. At the heart of this project children write narrative stories based on historical facts and develop additional skills in using flashback as a technique for telling stories.

Ways to Help – the children could ask members of the family if they have memories of the war.  What was it like? Were they an evacuee? Were there local towns hit by bombing?


The children will be developing their maths skills by recording number of fatalities by country and will also look at how many children were evacuated from each country.  The will be reading train time tables, imperial measures for weight and distance and look at the grid referencing by making a Battleship game to play in class.

Ways to Help –  Help your child to read times on timetables e.g. local bus or trains.  Discuss why rationing was introduced and how money has changed since the war.


We will be exploring colour mixing and texture to create art pictures.  We will create silhouettes to help create a war time picture.  The children will be developing their music skills by listening to a brass band piece ‘Blitz’ and will be creating their own pieces of music.


The children will be receiving weekly welsh lessons from Mrs Hargreaves from Treorchy Comprehensive School – they will be learning to tell the time in welsh whilst also developing basic conversational welsh through Helpwr Heddiw sessions.


The children will be reading the novel Goodnight Mr Tom and using this to help understand what it was like during the war.  We will be writing a newspaper report on Swansea Blitz and a fictional diary about life of an evacuee.  The children will also be writing letters in the role of an evacuee.  We will also be reading and writing poems relating to Remembrance Day.  Spelling and reading books MUST be returned every Friday.

Ways to Help – Research copies of evacuee letters and diaries.  Discuss how do they make them feel?


The children will be learning about plant life.  The will be able to label a plant and describe the function of each part.  They will learn all about pollination, seed dispersal and investigate what a plant needs to stay healthy.

Ways to Help – Look at a range of plants and discuss and label parts.  Look at different plants through the seasons and discuss why some grow in winter, autumn etc.  Discuss why plants grow in strange places?  Do people plant them?


The children will be learning about the religious festival of Ramadan & Id ul fitr. In ICT we will be creating developing our skills in safety whilst continuing to develop our skills throughout lessons in other subject areas.


PE will be carried out by Miss Hatch on a Thursday and they will receive weekly rugby sessions every other Monday.  It would be helpful if the children could bring their PE kit in on a Monday and take home on a Thursday.  A note will be required if they cannot participate for any reason.