Year 4


During the first half term, the focus in writing will be on Myths and Legends. Pupils will also complete poetry, recount and persuasive writing and diary entries. This will be linked with our topic ‘The Celts’. During the second half of the term, linked to the ‘Sensoria’ topic, pupils will write poems on the theme light and sound and learn additional skills in scientific recording and explanation writing. Children will also continue to focus on comprehension skills and spelling. Children and parents are reminded that reading books and spelling books should be returned every Friday.


Alongside the Sensoria topic which is science based, pupils will also be taught discrete Science lessons. Pupils will learn about mini beasts and their habitats. All pupils will be given the opportunity to plan, and carry out a variety of investigations.


There will be a huge focus this year in Welsh. Children will concentrate on using incidental Welsh inside and outside the classroom as much as possible. They will also try to converse with visitors in Welsh. All children will have the opportunity to act as Heplwr Heddiw and lead Welsh sessions. We will also focus on reading our Welsh book ‘Gwyliau yn Sbaen’


Children will continue to have P.E. session with Miss Hatch on a Monday afternoon focusing on gymnastics. All children need to bring a P.E. kit on a Monday.


This term, Year 4 will be focusing on: addition/ subtraction, timelines, multiplication, Fractions, money area/ perimeter Tally/bar charts and Problem solving

All children will continue to practice their mental skills for 10 minutes every day using the BIG MATHS strategies. They will then have a timed activity every Friday focusing on these skills. If parents would like to help their children at home- it is vital that they learn their times table facts.


This term our topic is ‘The Celts ’. This topic has a historical focus and teaches children about The Iron Age Celts and the lead up to the Roman Invasion. There will be a home task linked to this topic. During the second half of the term, we will complete the ‘Sensoria’ topic. This project has a science focus and teaches children about light and sound and how they travel.


Year 4 will continue to work with Miss Hatch learning about the religion Judaism focusing on Abraham and Moses.


We will be working on developing our skills throughout the curriculum following the Digital Competence framework- This will enable children to develop their I.C.T. skills all round. We will also be using the HWB.

Pupils will learn how to be responsible online and offline, and learn how to be a good digital citizen. Pupils will also learn the importance of sharing information online and how some messages may make them feel sad or upset.