Year 2


We are learning to;

  • Measure data in graphs/tally
  • Add/subtract with number bonds and double numbers.
  • Develop our problem solving
  • Multiply by 2,5,10
  • Use money within a £1
  • Continue developing our mental maths.
  • Tell the time- half past/quarter to/quarter past

At home I could

  • Practice telling the time using clocks around the house/ on mums/dads phone.
  • Practice writing numbers/ number words in paint/chalk outside.
  • Help add the prices of things together in the shops. Have you enough money? How much money do you need for two apples?
  • Sing the times table song.
  • Ask children a daily problem- put up of wall. Can They get them all correct in a week- give a prize.

Stickman (families) Year 2 Autumn Term

We are learning about

  • Family life present/past
  • Colour wheel- colouring mixing and artist
  • Friendships
  • Rights of a child.


We are learning to;

  • Develop our writing to use more connectives, correct grammar, punctuation and spelling (Stretching sentences).
  • Develop our imagination for creative writing of stories, through story structures, descriptions and reading.
  • To develop our handwriting by joining up.

At home I could

  • Practice my Handwriting (Write my mums shopping list, card, letters, lists etc.…)
  • Write stories for my family.
  • Read books to develop my imagination.
  • Practice my spellings- fun games
  • Research the Internet about things I what to find out (make fact files).
  • Tell somebody about the things I’ve learnt in school or ask questions to develop my knowledge.