School Admissions/New starters

Applications for a school place need to be made at various stages of a child's education Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Reception, Infant/Junior Transfers and Secondary.
Applications for places in nursery, reception, infant to junior/primary school (Year 3) and secondary school (Year 7) for september 2019 can be made online

From September 2018, Parents/Carers can also apply online for pre-nursery places for January 2019 and can apply in January 2019 for pre-nursery places for April 2019.

Please note that not all mobile devices (iphones / iPads and android phones / tablets) are compatible with the online admissions system and the software company that provides the system recommend the use of PC or laptop. If you do not have access to your own PC/Laptop, you can use for free in any of our Libraries.

Further details can be found in the Starting School Book 2019-20 (Click here for link).

Further Information